We champion ambition - those who dare in the face of uncertainty

Vision: We see a future where organisations strive to engage wholeheartedly with their talent, customers and the environment. They work tirelessly to resolve inner contradictions so that their people, processes and practices are value and values-led, integrated with meeting the needs of their internal and external customers. And there we see:
● Intelligently designed ecosystems amplifying value flows, maximising situational awareness;
● Leadership that is naturally occurring at every level;
● A culture of collaboration demanding and rewarding the courage to speak truth to power.

Values: This is meaningful to us because we value:
● Authenticity - as the birthplace of creativity.
● Integrity - as foundational to ethical practice.
● Connectedness - as vital to building mutual respect, trust and understanding.
● Collaboration - as recognising that we’re better together.
● Growth - as the driver for innovation, progress and success.

Mission: To help organisations develop the adaptive capability needed to become wholehearted by delivering and supporting the integration of the latest organisational design and development insights, tools and technologies.

Aims: We have designed the following services to support this mission:
Organisational design and development consulting that focuses on the intelligent design of structures optimised for flow;
Education to equip change agents with the tools and knowledge to successfully lead;
Coaching and mentoring to embed key learning into the social fabric and culture;
Coaching supervision to support the development of coaching and reflective practice;
Access to the latest research and practitioner insights and technologies.

Meet Andrew Kidd, CEO and Founder of Daring Futures

I believe that work should be meaningful, value and values-driven, and organised collaboratively, satisfying the needs of internal and external customers alike. I believe that an organisation exists to support those who serve its customers, and that its design and structures must be as dynamic as the market it serves if it is to realise its ambitions. And I believe in the positive impact that coaching has in facilitating the change process, which is why I offer carefully designed services to support your investment in your coaching and practice development, so that you can succeed in your business.

For over 40 years I’ve had the privilege to work in and lead many software development teams within organisations of all sizes, and so understand their pains as well as their goals. From startups looking to maximise their limited budgets, to government departments looking to demonstrate good stewardship of the public purse. As well as the constraints of safety critical environments in the military and those heavily regulated such as banking and pharmaceutical. Each time, helping them to realise their ambitions.

My mission is to enable leaders and their teams achieve great things by working smarter not harder. Together we unleash their talent and engage in effective and collaborative work ... to seize their own daring future.

Here’s what our clients say

We have had the privilege of working with people across a range of industries and companies. For each, we have endeavoured to do everything we can to help them seize their own daring future.

“Your thoughtful approach to the values and priorities of military personnel, intertwined with the need for sustainable digital specialisations showed a deep understanding of the MOD environment and how benefits realisation can be achieved.”

“Always there to provide a deep & thoughtful challenge to improve and encourage the best working procedures and practices. Also showing a genuine interest in people and making time to support and help them develop.”

“There are those who are good at their work, those who are great at their work and then a select few who transcend all expectations. Daring Futures provides this broad and deep, holistic service, going so much further than just standard provision.”

“... an absolute joy to work with. The combination of emotional intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge of delivery methodologies meant Daring Futures are always the first I would approach for coaching and guidance. A true asset to any team, and their value cannot be overstated.”

“Daring Futures took time and care to get to know me, developing an understanding of me, my approach, and MVV so they could best position themselves to deliver within their role and support me to do so in mine, as a true team partnership. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Daring Futures and would love to do so again, without hesitation.”

“First of all, Daring Futures cares. That shouldn't be overlooked. Yes, they are creative expert coaches with many tools and frameworks but fundamentally, they care - which is why their tools are so effective.”

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How we work

Step 1: Book your discovery call

It all starts with a call, where we can get to know each other and what you are hoping to achieve.

Step 2: Co-create the change needed to succeed & embed it in your organisation

We will work with you to bring clarity, co-create all change needed and walk with you through your organisational implementation.

Step 3: Live your daring future, now!

You will enjoy a new way of working - one that repeatedly delivers, motivates your team & produces a future-proof organisation that you are truly proud of.